PreChat Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) System

PreChat is an Electronic Voucher Distribution (EVD) System that caters for the selling of Prepaid Airtime Vouchers.

PreChat was our initial offering and, at the time, was ground breaking as it allowed for the selling of prepaid airtime vouchers via a cell phone.


 SMS technology is used as the data carrier and consequently selling can be done anywhere in the network empire.

Although Prepaid Airtime is currently the primary focus, PreChat also caters for the selling of any pin-driven prepaid service, for example electricity supply.

The system is able to sell Prepaid Vouchers which are delivered to the point of sale via:

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SMS which can reach the extremities of the GSM Network empire

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Encrypted E-mail

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Encrypted Internet/GPRS services

PreChat further caters for the management of Sales network via Cellphone instructions that allow for fund transfers via electronic wallets between a distributor and agents.

For more detailed information on PreChat, please contact us.

prechat overview
Use vouchers to download your airtime
Receiving confirmation of the transfer
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